Well it is Saturday and I slept until 8:30, I can hardly believe it, I am not a late sleeper, but after the past evenings I have had with my upstairs neighbor I needed the sleep. My new neighbor, what can I say about him, he is loud at night, very loud, lighting firecracker outside my bedroom window at 1:30 in the morning, playing his music or television, I don’t know which so loud my apartment vibrates. I complained twice to the apartment management, the third time they told me to call the police as he is ignoring their letters and phone calls. So, last night when he started up I called the police, not 911, but the regular police number, explained the situation and what was going on, the very nice dispatcher on the other end of the line was sympathetic and promised to have an officer go speak to him. I thought well it is not an emergency so it will take them hours to get out here. No, it was about ten minutes later when an officer pulled up and marched upstairs to have some stern words with him. I know they must have been stern because I did not hear a peep out of him all evening, no firecrackers, no loud music, nothing. I hope that is the end of it, if not I will be calling them again.
One of my favorite movies is on right now, Miracle; I love that movie, perhaps because I can vividly remember the events that it is depicting. The 1980 miracle on ice when the U.S.A. brought home the gold and beat the Russians at hockey. An amazing event and a well told story. Thank you Disney.

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