Peet’s Day!

I saw this wedding show this past weekend that featured different wedding cakes. One caught my eye, it was a cupcake wedding cake, and the different layers are all cupcakes! In different flavors, I am thinking that is the way to go. There will be a lot of children there and well let’s face it I am a giant child myself with the taste buds of an eight year old. Cupcakes are a perfect solution. And with the different flavors everyone could get something they like. I could have German chocolate for one layer, vanilla for one layer, strawberry and regular chocolate. The combinations are just endless! I am very excited by this idea.
The Irishman has added someone to his guest list, it is someone he meant to have on there in the first place and just forgot. So now another foreigner is added to the list, the Spaniard, which is good because he knows how to dance. So perhaps he can be a stand in for the Irishman at the disco extravaganza.
Yes I am back to wanting someplace that has a disco ball so I can have all of the disco music my little heart desires. Although the Katy Perry California Girls theme is a close second, with Jess in a Snoop Dogg outfit, wow, I know this is all caffeine induced but seriously people, can’t you picture it! All of the guests dressed like they belong in a Candy Land game! How much fun would that be? I will keep that in mind for plan B.
So as many of my readers know, or maybe you don’t, I let the Irishman off the hook in going to my grand daughter’s birthday party to go watch the final game of the World Cup with said Spaniard and Gladys. I did this knowing how much this sporting event means to him. No strings, no holding it over his head, nothing. Now, my ex-husband asked where he was, Elizabeth asked where he was, when I explained, ex-husband understood, Elizabeth, not so much. I have a feeling she will not be letting him off the hook so easily.
Ok, I found Peet’s coffee in the grocery store, my California friend Michelle goes on and on about Peet’s, of course I cannot visit the coffee shop so I decided to purchase the ground coffee. I wanted to see for myself if it was as good as she has stated. Michelle did not lie, that is all I can say, this coffee rocks. Everyone should run out and purchase it; it has a smooth taste and a rockin kick!
Peace out homies, I hope everyone has a Peet’s day!

3 Replies to “Peet’s Day!”

  1. Pete’s Coffee is excellent!!! Now, I’m sad… I miss Cali 🙁
    Yes, John was extremely happy that he was able to attend the Spanish Festivities.. It was a good game, and well seeing Mark almost crying was priceless.. LOL. We all had a good time but it would have been even better if you would have been there… I missed ya!
    We’ll have to get together soon… I’m having Angie withdrawals!!! 🙂

  2. Yeah… let’s work on Plan A, Plan A1, Plan A2, etc. before we work on Plan B. You think the price for me going wedding dress shopping with you was high? You can only IMAGINE what it would be like to get me into a Snoop Dogg Pimp Suit.

    Though I do admit… the Cupcake Cake idea is actually one of your better ideas.

  3. I agree. I like the cupcake cake idea. I had one for Kolby’s birthday party last year. Wouldn’t have thought to have one for a wedding. Hmmm.

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