This morning, while getting dressed for work, I was watching the season premier of Warehouse 13, during one of the scenes C is for Cookie started playing. Of course this started me thinking about Sesame Street, then that led to thinking about all of the great children’s shows that shaped my early childhood.
I was teetering between pre-school and Kindergarten when Sesame Street appeared on the scene, but I loved it instantly, the Muppets, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch appealed to me, it was really the first time I became aware of television. This led to other shows, Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, who did not love Mr. Green Jeans and Moose, Zoom, The Electric Company! Hey You Guys! Loved it! Zoom, ubbydubby, I have not thought of these things in a long time. How ubiquitous that Warehouse 13 would set this off in my head.
I, of course, moved on to other television shows, American Bandstand, The Partridge Family, Bewitched, oh Bewitched, that totally started me on my way to loving shows about things mystical. Seriously, I wanted to be Samantha, able to twitch my nose and anything could happen, and that black dress she wore when she went to visit the “other world” where witches lived. I still want that dress. You know this begs the next question; can you be a Christian and still want to be a witch? Are the two separate? I don’t think so; the Bible is filled with mysticism and mystery. I believe I can love shows like Bewitched, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, the Vampire Diaries and anything else I can think of that is otherworldly and still retain my deep belief in God.
Now begins the new season of the summer shows I love, Warehouse 13, Entourage, True Blood and Eureka. Thank goodness, new television shows to fill my time! And the hobby continues!

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  1. Watching shows like that can only affect your Christianity, in my opinion, if you lose sight of the fact that they are merely entertainment shows. I love all the shows you’ve named and I have a personal relationship with my GOD. I think you have to have a strong mind set in order to watch them and not believe they are anything but entertaining.

    My summer season has begun as well. Ive started watching Hawthorne. Waiting for the Closer and eagerly anticipating the return of my favorite shows (CSI) in the fall.

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