More Tongue in Cheek Ramblings

I know this is all probably caffeine overload induced thinking, but on the way to work I was thinking about my country’s need to save the world. We do it all of the time and have done it since our inception over 200 years ago. Why are we like this? Is it due to us being comprised of every other country in the world? We are an amalgamation of all of the other nations. Perhaps this is why we have a savior complex. Yes we, as a whole, have a complex. We want to save the world. Maybe we need therapy, calling Dr Phil. Well maybe not Dr. Phil. Maybe someone who is experienced with handling these types of issues, perhaps, dare I say it, not even a licensed therapist, maybe we just need to go on a talk show and work out our issues, since it is a country wide problem. And is it really a problem? Or an issue or a sickness. We need to decide, because we really need to fix ourselves before we tackle the rest of the world’s problems. I personally think we should leave solving the world’s problems to the celebrities, Angelina has a handle on adopting all of the children, Lindsey can tackle addiction issues and as for world peace I nominate Danielle Staub to bring light and love to everyone. I suggest she start with Libya.
My brain is in overload, am going to work on my manifesto to the United Nations. I am positive they will take all of my suggestions to heart and within a matter of weeks all of the ills of the world will be resolved!

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  1. Those who have Great Power also have Great Responsibility.
    And there were a few countries who left fixing things to their celebrities. They called them Royalty. We rebelled…

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