I am mentally exhausted, I have been working on an issue for a Union Member since the middle of May, and I sincerely hope we are getting somewhere.
I have made a decision, when I get back from Mary Kay Seminar I am going to do the cleansing diet for 5 days that means no caffeine for 5 days. I will begin this cleanse on a Friday, so the drying out from no caffeine cold turkey will not affect my working relationship with anyone at the office. The dogs might notice it, but hopefully no humans will. Seriously I do not want to do this; however, I really want to lose 90 lbs. maybe even 100. I want people to look at me and say, Wow, Angie, eat a burger. That is seriously my only goal in life right now. Next to finding what I am passionate about.
On that front I have not really made great strides, a co-worker had a great idea since I am passionate about coffee, he suggested that I get a camera crew and film me going out in search of great coffee around the area, then sell the idea to the food network or one of those channels and perhaps travel the world in search of coffee.
That is a great idea, however it circles back to the losing about 300 lbs, since the camera adds 10 pounds, and I don’t want people to look at me and say, how many cameras were on you. Great line stolen from Friends.

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