I hate the heat, there, I said it, yes, I know I live in Texas, the hottest state in the whole continental United States. If that is fundamentally not true, please do not correct me, as I believe it to be true. It is unbearable here this time of year. In Oklahoma, in Owasso, Oklahoma, it never got this hot. The summers were never as brutal as they are here. I long for the cold, I long for the snow, I long for, yes, and dare I say it, boot season.
Yesterday was a very lackluster day, first of all I get to work and cannot find my phone, and I am convinced I left it at home. Let everyone know they cannot reach me via cell. Imagine my horror when I do get home and cannot find said cell. I am already panicking because my keys are stuck in the front door, now, no phone! I pick up the house phone and call myself. I do not answer, no one does. No comforting sounds of vibrations, no dulcet tones of Brittany Spears fill the air. I go overtime into panic mode. Where is my precious phone? I then get the bright idea to go to the garage with the house phone and call the cell, to my chagrin the cell was in the car the whole time. In my defense the phone is black and so is the carpet in my car.
I feel discombobulated at work this week, with the new schedule change, having to be at work at 5:00 am and with Kimmy working a different schedule and not coming in until Wednesday, I am very put off on my own internal clock.
Hopefully it will all get better as time goes on, then it will be time for a new schedule! Oh the humanity!

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  1. Heat Sucks.Winter rules. Losing your phone in the car is lol. It is too early for witticisms.

  2. I hate WINTER. I plan to boycott it this year. Ive done that with the phone thing before, but try this… wondering where your phone is while talking on it. I know i know but yes Ive done that

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