Happy Birthday Stacy!

I didn’t get to watch all of the Real Housewives of New Jersey this morning; however the part I did see, all I can say is why is CPS not coming to get Danielle Staub? She has got to be the worst mother on television. Is anyone else appalled by her behavior?
Today is Stacy’s birthday, happy happy birthday Stacy, I hope it is an awesome day and filled with everything you want it to be.
I woke up congested and wonky, a little out of it, I have to admit if I did not have something incredibly important to do at work today I would have been tempted to call in and take the day off. However, I do have all next week off, I have my Mary Kay Seminar. I am so very excited about that! I look forward to this time of year every, well, year. It is held in downtown Dallas in case you didn’t know and there are five different Seminars they last 3 days each. Mine starts Monday and goes to Wednesday. So yes, I took all week off. Also on Friday Elizabeth is having her wisdom teeth out, so of course I want to be with her for that.
Well yesterdays post was a long one so I won’t bore you too much today!

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  1. Danielle seems more fun than Tom when I look at the show, although Danielle is not my favorite.

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