Gift VS Talent

I know that today is the 4th of July but as I waxed on yesterday about the holiday and my ancestry today I am not so inclined to continue in that vein. No today I have something else on just dying to come out, so here goes.
I have a gift, I have had it my entire life, I can tell within the first five minutes of meeting someone if they are trustworthy or not. I can also tell when people are lying; I am like a walking lie detector. I have never really had to put the first gift to use much until I went to work for the large telecommunications corporation where I am currently employed. This gift is wonderful being a Union Steward, I can tell you who not to trust, who to believe, and who you can trust to keep their word. Some people do not believe in my gift and well let’s just say I have seen more than a few people burned.
I will admit sometimes my radar is off; sometimes I can be friends with someone for several years before their non-trustworthiness shows itself. And their proclivity for telling non-truths, so just beware if you are my friend and decide to lie to me; I will always know when you are lying. Even in text message, even in email, especially by voice and totally in person.
And no, I am not speaking to anyone in particular at this point and time; it was just something I was thinking about today. You see, God did not bestow an inordinate amount of gifts on me, I am not a great beauty, oh I am cute, don’t get me wrong, but supermodel beautiful, no, I am not a rocket scientist, smart yes, but genius level, no, I didn’t receive a beautiful singing voice and I can’t draw to save my life. But I can tell when people are lying and if they are trustworthy in a short amount of time. However, I do possess many talents though, I can read over a thousand words a minute, type 95 words a minute, I have a mind that absorbs everything I read, see and hear and I can tolerate high amounts of caffeine.
The difference between a gift and a talent is a gift is something God bestowed upon you at birth; a talent is something you work at. I work at my talents, oh maybe the caffeine thing should be re-categorized into gift…..

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