Friday Ramblings

It is Friday and I am grateful, I will be running my errands this afternoon after work so I can spend all day tomorrow holed up in my apartment. Yes, it has been that kind of week. I am determined that with my new schedule beginning on Monday it will all be better. I do believe leaving 30 minutes earlier might do the trick.
Yesterday I stopped at Starbucks for me and Tiffaney; you would think that would eradicate the need to stop this morning. It did not; I fully refuse to feel any shame in this. I need my coffee treat on Friday dagnabit, and I am going to get it. I did get something healthy, the Greek yogurt, so I have balanced myself out. While I am going the full disclosure route, I had my Peet’s coffee at home and also got an extra shot of espresso again. Once again I feel no shame.
Last night Alex came over and we had dinner together, I cooked a pizza, no, not homemade, but second best. The spinach, mushroom and garlic pizza from Schwan’s, so good! I highly recommend it. We had a pleasant meal together and a pleasant conversation.
I want to know who decided it was a good idea to put dried cranberries in everything. Someone find that person and fire them!

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  1. I WARNED everyone you would have caffeine overload two days in a row. But did anyone believe me? NOOOOOO…..

  2. Jess, this is why you should just suck it up, wear a dress and be Angie’s maid of honor… You know her well to well… If not almost, I would say better than anyone else… How perfect is that?!?

  3. Well… my legs look awful in a dress and I cannot walk in high heels, so I would just embarrass Angie, unfortunately. Can’t embarrass a bride on her wedding day, can we?
    And before anyone asks… I wore a kilt for a play in high school. THAT is how I know my legs look bad in a dress.

  4. The things I learn about my friends on this site… Jess, the dress would be long, hence hiding said bad legs… oh and as for heels, we can go with ballet flats…. Just think about it.

  5. I would say “No dress, just stick me in the Snoop Dogg Pimp Suit,” but I know that is exactly what you are trying to manipulate me into.
    So I will say “I will think about it.”

  6. Haha!!! Oh come on Jess, the bride is actually compromising with you here… Can’t turn down the bride, can we?
    When Angie says, ” you can wear ballerina flats” you know she’s making an exception, cuz we know she hates flats… That is shoes of course that we’re talking about… LOL

  7. You may have a point. However, two items preclude your argument:
    – While I may look awful in a dress, no matter what shoes I wear, there is no doubt in my mind that all the focus at the wedding will be on me if I do that, not on the Bride. Cardinal Sin Number One for a Wedding.
    – Angie discussed with me this morning her choice for a wedding dress (50s somethingorother – it makes more sense if you don’t have a Y Chromosome), and we BOTH agreed that me in a Seersucker Suit and Fedora will not only TOTALLY match her theme, but be totally awesome.

  8. Jess – Add in some white suede bucks and I’ll just call you Atticus Finch.
    Angie – The “50s somethingorother” sounds super-cool. And I don’t have the Y chromosome, so it makes perfect sense. 😉

  9. Think I saw it in a fashion show back in the 80s somewhere. Since that will be 30 years more modern that what your bride is planning on wearing, I think I’ll be good…

  10. Wow, I do believe Jess is correct, only it wasn’t the 80’s it was the 90’s and the girls on Beverly Hills 90210 rocked the look. Jess are you reading old Vogues?

  11. I can neither confirm nor deny that old Vogues or Cosmos are sitting next to the Jedi Knight costume you insist is somewhere in my house.

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