Fleeta Sunday

I made the most wondrous discovery yesterday, no, it wasn’t the secret of making it snow in the summer time in Texas. Something almost, but not quite as good, I discovered Fleeta Sundays website. Who is Fleeta Sunday you ask, well, she, along with her husband Ed, were the two Sunday School teachers I did not run off. Fleeta is an intuition in Owasso, Oklahoma. When I was in high school she worked in the office, she and her husband taught Sunday School and they had three children. One of them, Juli, was everything my parents thought they wanted me to be. To them she was the perfect teenager, around my parents, Juli was polite, never argumentative and a “good” girl. Of course they only saw her once a week at church, sometimes twice. Of course the inevitable “why can’t you be more like Juli” came out of their mouths. One day, I had finally heard that one time too many, so I said, “wow, you know what, you are 100 percent correct, I will strive to be more like Juli Sunday.” So, I ran and got a pen and paper and said “number one, find a boyfriend to make out with in front of my psych class, number two” I was stopped at number one. They quickly retracted their statement and demanded to know what kind of school they were sending me to. I might add here that if I had had a boyfriend in high school that looked like Juli Sundays boyfriend I would totally have made out with him in front of my psych class. What was his name? I can’t remember his name, I remember he played on the football team and was the prettiest boy in school. Tammi help a friend out here!

I never really stopped wanting to be a little like Juli Sunday, she always had perfect skin, perfect teeth, the perfect tan, perfect hair,  and let’s not forget she was MS Owasso.  Well, 3 out of 5 isn’t too bad. I was never Ms Owasso and well forget about tanning, but the hair, teeth and skin, I got that covered!

So if you want to check out my old Sunday School teacher and her daughter, my nemesis (she never knew she was my nemesis) go to www.fleetasunday.com her daughter works for her.

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