Finding your Passion

I just finished watching Julie and Julia; again, I love that movie. This time I watched the special feature, in it, one of the commentators, and I don’t remember which one, says that she hopes this movie inspires women to find what they are passionate about and pursue it.
As you all know that is something I have been trying to figure out for a while now. No one seems to know what it is that I am good at, and quite frankly if I don’t know how can I expect others to know. I do know that I love shopping, I am good at finding bargains and I am good at knowing what looks good on someone else. I also know what looks good on me, but no one will pay for that. I know that I love to write, I love putting words to paper and having others read what I write. I know that is a bit narcissistic, but that is part of me. I know that I love making others feel good about themselves, I love fighting for what I believe in. I also love fighting for the person who needs me to stand of for them. I love argument, I love singing (that is totally not a career option unless I want to be the next William Hung, which I do not) I love movies, watching them, not making them. I love comic books, and superheroes, flawed superheroes are the best.
What am I passionate about? Besides Dean Cain. I am passionate anbout righting the wrongs of the world, or at least my little corner of the world. I hate injustice, mostly injustice for the working people. Really I hate injustice for single mothers. I would love to see job re-training for women who have been stay at home moms and suddenly find themselves thrust into the role of breadwinner. That was me at one time, I didn’t have help or any where to turn, I just had me, while some think that might have been enough, it would have been really great to have had someone to just say I think you would be good at this and here is the training program for that job. Now I am not saying I did not have friends who were there and completely supportive, I did, I had amazing friends. One in particular who went through the divorce and subsequent child custody battle with me, there at the courthouse every day until it was over. I still get emotional thinking that I don’t’ have a clue of why I deserve such a friend, just so grateful she was there.
But back to the job thing, I think that when you have been a stay at home mom and the job you were originally trained for doesn’t exist any longer that there should be some type of re-training program. This does not only apply to the women who find themselves single after divorce but the widowed as well. It is a tough world out there when you are alone.
Before I got married, I was a typographer, I loved that job, I went to school for two years to learn it. It was not the highest paying job in the entire world, but I loved doing it. That career no longer exists thanks to desktop publishing. I was obsolete. Now, I work at a job, that most days I like, I like the pay a lot, I like helping people, that is not what depresses me or stresses me, it is not the job itself.
I would love to find something I am passionate about and the people I work with are passionate about it as well.

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