Army Wives

Confession time, I watch Army Wives on Lifetime. I am not a typical Lifetime channel watcher; however, this show captured my attention. Originally it was because Kim Delaney is on there, we all remember her from All My Children, she was Jenny, I still love the story line of Jenny and Jessie, now this was not a romantic relationship, and it was friendship in its purest form. Of course when I saw she was in a new show my interest was piqued. Then I discovered Drew Fuller was also cast, from Charmed fame, and Brigid Brannagh who was in one episode of Charmed I was intrigued. Then I watched the first episode, darn you Lifetime, I was hooked.
The episode from last night, which I watched this morning, was heart wrenching, watching these characters that we have come to love deploy and leave their families. I was sobbing even before putting on my makeup. Of course now I have a headache from it, but the episode was realistic, it conveyed the correct emotions, the way the families go to the tarmac to say goodbye, the forced happiness so the troops can go off feeling somewhat good. The immense pride the wives have for their Army husbands, the fears that they also have and keep hidden. All I can say is darn you Lifetime for your blatant manipulation of my emotions!
If you are not watching this amazing show, well written, well acted, please do so, you will not be disappointed.

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