A caffeine free Angie?

Today is Thursday and I have stopped for Starbucks, yes I do realize it is not Friday but I do not care! I needed it, like a drug addicted needs crack. Which begs the question that came up in a conversation I had with my friend Gladys yesterday; would I be me without caffeine? Interesting question, I like to think I would still be happy, still be positive and still be slightly hyper. But I don’t know, and here is the real question, is it worth experimenting with? Should I go cold turkey and quit all caffeine for a certain period to test it? I will let you all decide.
This Friday is Tessa’s 3rd birthday and Monday is Alex’s 19th birthday, each mark a milestone and each makes me feel ancient. Tessa’s birthday party is Sunday, I am very excited to go, she is such a doll and I love spending any kind of time with her.
Well Spain won against Germany yesterday as I knew they would, not because I know anything about soccer but because the octopus said they would win.

5 Replies to “A caffeine free Angie?”

    Dear Lord… you are bad enough when you *up* your caffeine intake with your ill-advised double espresso shots.
    You on caffeine withdrawl? Remind me to take a week off and turn off my phone. And I don’t even have a week of unschedule vacation left…

  2. Go without caffeine?!?! Are you crazy! Don’t do it Angie, don’t do it! I don’t want to see the “other non-caffeinated” Angie!

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