Yay Paint Drying Party!

Well it is another Saturday and another round of watching paint dry! Today we are going back to the Fillmore in Plano to watch a soccer match. This time it is with people from fiancée’s 1759 club. I have met some of the people in this club and they were a lot of fun and made me feel instantly a part of the group. I am looking forward to meeting more of them. I have also invited Jess to come along, he has something to do this morning, I am hoping it won’t take forever and he can make it. I think he would enjoy meeting these folks as well. Well that and the beer…
It was special treat day for the pups, canned food mixed in with their dry food, no worries Jess it is all science diet! They loved it; they know it is a special treat so they gather around me as I mix the dry with the canned, as I do not want them to eat just the canned. Chewie talks to me the entire time and Nocona just has the crazy eye look.
Well I have had coffee, I have played games on facebook, I have to go now and pick out a fabulous outfit that will impress fiancee’s friends! TTFN!

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