Where to go to learn patience

I would like to share with everyone out there how I learned the art of patience. It was in Owasso, Oklahoma, on Main Street. Main Street is 4 lanes, two on each side, very wide for a small town main street. I know you are wondering how I learned patience there.
Well, there were a couple of retirement homes back then in Owasso, also, there were just a lot of old people. They loved that four lane street, you see they all had huge metal cars and they drove then down Main Street and took up two lanes. You couldn’t pass them, as you could not go into oncoming traffic and well if you decided to take the chance, the sheriff’s office was right there on Main Street. Did I mention that all of the older people in Owasso at that time drove 10 miles an hour down Main Street? If you got behind one you would be there for however long it took to drive the length of the entire town.
So you see that is where I learned patience, there are some things you can control, some you cannot. You cannot control old people in cars, you can control whether or not you are smart enough to take a detour around them.
Just some food for thought.

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