Wednesday’s musings

I like my vampires with bite and attitude, very much unlike Twilight’s Edward. I also like my werewolves to be sardonic and monosyllabic when human. I think certain people know who I am speaking of.
I don’t think the supernatural beings live in Texas, and here is my theory on why they don’t.
A. If they did I would have seen one by now, waking as early as I do.
2. It is too hot, even in the night time hours they would burn up. The vampires would turn to dust and the werewolf’s fur would cause them to burn from within.
III. It is too big of a state. They travel at night. They would never reach their destination in the night time hours. Even if they were traveling within the state itself.
There that is my theory and the reasoning behind it. I believe it is sound, deductive reasoning. I can see why they reside in the south east and the west coast. Louisiana is even probable, but not Texas. Even the Gulch brother’s left Texas as soon as they were turned.
I don’t think the aliens will land here either. Same reason, if someone from Texas tells you they were abducted, do not believe them. It is way too hot here for anyone to want to visit, let alone take a crazy person who chooses to live here back to their air conditioned, comfy, space ship.

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  1. Sorry Angie, on this one I have to disagree. I agree they could not live there, but I think they could make it through the state in one night. I made it from San Antonio to Dallas in about 8 hours. Surely being as they are fast, they could do the same. 🙂

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