Way too early for a Sunday

It is Sunday morning and it is early, Tiffaney graciously agreed to trade days with me so I can be off this Friday without having to take a vacation day. So here I am awake at a very early time!
Yesterday was spent watching more soccer, very sad that the U.S.A. team lost, from what I could tell they played a good, hard game. But I admit to knowing nothing about the game. But it was a fun time, Jess did get to come out and spend time with us, Marcus even made it, as well as fiancées 1759 friends. Today is another soccer match, so after I leave here at 1:30 I will meet the Irishman back at the Fillmore in Plano. Then back home and to bed as I have to be back at work at 5:30 tomorrow morning. A very full weekend indeed, unusual for me, I know, but ya know sometimes it happens.
I didn’t realize that this early in the morning people would be driving, here is the question, are they driving to work like me, or is the drive of shame home? Or the clubs just closed down and they are on their way home from the club? This is the question for this very early Sunday morning.

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