The Meeting of the Spocks

Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto had dinner together Wednesday night. While this in itself is not truly earth shattering news, we have to look at the larger pictures.
They are both Spock, from different time periods, not only different time periods, different time lines, thanks to J.J. Abrams. If the two Spocks meet and break bread together, what does that do to the space time continuum? Does it rip it apart? Never to be put back together again, or according to my friend Doug’s theory it brings peace and harmony to the universe. This is a question that should be answered by a more qualified person. Perhaps Simon Pegg, as James Doohan is no longer with us. Or the good doctor, I am sure he would have fascinating things to say about green blood co-mingling and destroying the universe.
Perhaps Uhura, since she apparently has a thing for the younger version of Spock. But you know, I always thought she had a thing for him, even in the different time line. Didn’t’ every woman have a thing for Spock? I know I did, always preferred Spock over Kirk.
So, who would be the best expert to weigh in on the subject? J.J. Abrams or Gene Rodenberry?
I think we might better be able to get an answer from Abrams, without a séance, that is.
In the meantime, I will continue to ponder the universal ramifications of the meeting of the Spocks.

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  1. Didn’t we discuss this already?
    – Up to 4 Darth Vaders have been in the same place at the same time. Universe still here.
    – 5 Doctors stepped out of their respective TARDIS’ at the same time/space coordinates in clear violation of the Laws of the Universe. Nothing doing.
    I think we are safe from two mere Vulcans from ripping the fabric of reality. I mean, really. Have they saved the galaxy or something? Those two are just small fry.
    If you were REALLY going to be our ambassador to Aliens, you need to have known this stuff by now…

  2. You and I discussed this, the world was not in on that discussion… giving the rest of the world to weigh in on the subject!

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