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Sometimes I believe I have too much time to think. I was thinking that it would be a lovely idea to dress in Elizabethan Era clothing. How much fun would it be to wear silks and satins every day, to wear jewels and walk around with a tiny waist due to the corset. Oh, it would be sheer heaven; of course I would still wear makeup. Cannot go without that, and contacts. A modified Elizabethan look if you will. It does beg the question; would sumptuary laws come back into effect? Maybe they should anyway, however, it would not be based on income and title as it was then, it should be based on appropriateness. Is it really appropriate for a man to wear a Speedo swimsuit for any other purposes than a swim competition? Fine him heavily! Also to the woman who wears a leather vest with no shirt under it to work, unless you are a bartender or waitress, consider yourself fined. Please pay the coffers and promise not to do it again.
A fun Elizabethan Era Royalty fact, they rarely if ever wore the color blue, the working class apprentices wore that color which made it undesirable for the upper classes. Oh, that could explain my aversion to the color blue. Since I am royalty in my head, don’t judge, it’s not pretty.
Ok, huge wedding decision has been made, we had thought about getting married in the Catholic church, since fiancé is very Catholic and his family is Catholic, I thought it would be a nice gesture. So, off we go to find out what is involved in that. We met with a very nice woman, who gave us a list of the documentation we would both need to invalidate our former marriages. Invalidate. The word gave me great pause. My marriage was valid, I stood up in front of a man of God, with my family and friends in attendance, and I married in good faith. I had children with him; I lived with him, all in good faith that the marriage would be forever. So I told fiancé that I could not do that, he understands, he said that he had his misgivings as well. So, now the search is on to find a minister to marry us.

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  1. I used to have those thoughts myself about going Elizabethan. I loved the way those women dressed on the Westerns. Call me crazy. You guys are probably going to have to go with a baptist minister for the wedding. I agree. I wouldn’t invalidate my first marriage either..bad or good.

  2. Oh I could soooo have been Royalty with the beautiful gowns and tiny little waist (Hey a girl can dream right!). Whether the Elizabethan times or as a Southern Belle.

    Good for you on not invalidating your first marriage! Just because it didn’t turn out to be “forever” doesn’t mean you need to pretend it never happened. Never understood that about Catholics.

  3. Ok, coming from a woman who helped people with their annulments so that they could marry in the Catholic church, the word ‘invalidate’ was not appropriate for what you are trying to accomplish. All that the ‘annulment’ accomplishes is to deem the first marriage ‘not sacramental’ in the eyes of the church. It does not mean the marriage did not exist, or your children become bastardized. For better or worse, the marriage did exist, the children are legitimate, and the bond was valid. It was just NOT sacramental. It’s unfortunate that the process was made to sound much worse than it really is. If you divorced, the marriages were most obvious NOT sacramental or we would not be talking about this subject today. Good grief! Our pastor in California was raised protestant, but as an adult became Catholic and then a priest. He is very down to earth and could explain it much better than whoever it is you talked to here. crazy loon…

  4. Searching for this for some time now – i guess luck is more advanced than search engines 🙂

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