Starbucks Day! At Last!

Happy Happy Happy Starbucks Day! Friday at last! So much going on this weekend, so much happened this week. First off, Elizabeth took me to task yesterday about something she is totally correct about. How horrifying as a parent to tell your twenty-one year old daughter she is one hundred percent correct about an issue. I may never live this one down. Anyway, am working on rectifying situation.
This morning, when I stopped by Starbucks, my least favorite worker was at the drive thru window. He is the one I had to go to corporate and complain about. Well, I am happy to report that they must have given him more customer service training, because he was pleasant and polite and most importantly got my drink order correct! So happy he did not lose his job and was able to learn from his mistake.
Yesterday I did not get home until 5:00 p.m., that is a long day when it starts at 3:30 a.m., the pups were not very happy with me, however, were happy to see me! I had a meeting yesterday regarding our new shift bid which happens very soon. I am not going into that here, as I really don’t address anything here except the strange things that float around in my head.
So, on to my busy weekend, tonight is dinner at a friends house, really more like a party, this friend is a dear friend of mine and I recently met his lovely wife and children. They are originally from Bangladesh and I am enjoying learning about their culture and the part of the world they come from. Don’t you just love America? A place where you can meet anyone and learn anything! I am looking forward to this evening as he and I are friends with a lot of the same people and some of them I have not seen in a while and I am looking forward to meeting new people.
Tomorrow is the big soccer game with fiancé at the Fillmore, Jess if you are back you should bring Connor and come, he could meet Samantha, however, she is not girlfriend material, you know I have plans for Tessa and Connor, am working on the pre-nuptial as I type this.
I will be exhausted on Monday; do I foresee a day off next week? Hmmm? Probably not, as I want to save all of my vacation days for other things I have going on.
Well, happy Friday everyone, I hope you have a great Starbucks day and a great weekend!

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