Russell Brand

I just watched the MTV Movie Awards. I know I am a few days late. I DVR then I watch. I am beginning to hate commercials. I just want to go on record with two things, first I have a huge girl crush on Katy Perry, second I have a huge crush on Russell Brand. Her new song California Girls is amazing, ok, three things, who on this earth does not have a thing for Snoop Dogg? I love him; he is just the coolest thing ever.
Let’s get back to Russell Brand; he is just funny, crazy funny. I will watch anything he is on; especially The View, he and Sherri Shepherd have mad chemistry. They seriously need to find a project to work on together. But in his personal life, he and Katy Perry make the cutest couple. Not as cute as me and the Irishman but almost.
I thought the whole Tom Cruise thing was stupid, but I loved the Sandra Bullock tribute, I love Betty White, I am going to cry like a big old fat baby when she goes.
I have decided it is time to go try on wedding dresses, who wants to go with me? I need an objective person, I would take Jess, however he says I would have to get him drunk first and I am not having a drunk straight male helping me pick out a wedding dress. Good grief, can you imagine? So, I kinda know what I want, I really want the red velvet, but I would have to have it customer made. Hmmmm, anyone know a good seamstress? No one compares to my mom, I am very picky.
Everything I see in the magazines or online looks so sweet and innocent, I am neither of those things, maybe naïve at times, and sometimes I guess I can be sweet, I think I am too honest to be sweet. At times I am brutally honest. That is really not a good thing, if you don’t want a question answered seriously never ask me.
Here is the question of the day; I don’t think I have enough to keep me busy, so, should I get a new pet? Perhaps a cat?
My lease on my apartment is up in December. Huge decisions will have to be made before then. I hate making decisions; I wish someone would just take over for me and make them all. Then just tell me what I am going to do. I am taking applications if someone wants to apply for the job of making all of my decisions. Except for what I will wear, that is one decision making item that is all mine. And my shoes, no one gets to decide what shoes I wear except for me! But everything else is up for grabs! Just let me know your qualifications and why you think you would be good at making all of my decisions. I will decide next week.

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  1. A cat???? No animals till all of them are dead including the cats with me now!!! Lol atleast that is the promise to myself… Freddy wants a dog I say no till the cats and our dogs now are gone including nocona and dusty and chewie and now doggie lol

  2. I’ll go w/you…but don’t you still have a year and 1/2 to go and I’ll make your decisions, but just know it may not be what you always want to hear. (I have a little bit of you in me.)

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