I am not a romantic person, which is odd because I love romance novels. Well, really only two authors, Johanna Lindsey and Jude Deveraux, I buy whatever they write. I have a favorite book from each writer that I read over and over. With Johanna Lindsey it is Captive Bride and with Jude Deveraux it is Knight in Shining Armor. Both books totally rock.
I try to be more romantic as I have a romantic fiancé; he is always doing little things for me, nothing huge, just thoughtful and romantic. He tells me every day that I am beautiful; he is the first man besides my dad and grandfather that have ever told me that. I know what you are thinking, weren’t you married before? Well yes, I was, and no he never told me that, in fact he would say the exact opposite.
I don’t know if I was ever a romantic person, I can’t remember, I got married so young, and then there was no romance. So I honestly can’t remember. I remember wanting romance in my life, I started reading romance novels at 15 (I blame Teri Hudson); in fact my first romance novel was Captive Bride.
I have tried other romance authors, but I kept coming back to the same two, these two authors write strong, independent heroines and flawed heroes. I want human qualities in the characters in the books and Jude and Johanna provide in a big way.
So in the meantime, I try to be more thoughtful and romantic towards a person who is that way toward me. He is showing me how to be that person by his actions.

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