Owasso, Oklahoma

The Owasso, Oklahoma that exists today is very different from the Owasso, Oklahoma that I am so enamored with. I am enamored with an Owasso that does not exist today, the Owasso of old was one where everyone knew your name and it was a small town. The one that was used in the filming of The Outsiders, the one where I had my first major love of my teenage life, the one where I discovered alcohol for the first time, the one where I first understood what community was, that one is gone. Never to be seen again. When I first moved to Plano, TX I discovered a slightly bigger, more snobby (if that is possible) Owasso, it definitely had the Owasso vibe going for it. However, there was something missing, what was it you ask? Well I am not sure I can find the words to tell you what was missing, but I shall try.
For one Plano was not a small town, it just had that vibe of being one, Owasso was a small town and gave off the vibe that it always wanted to be just that. I don’t know who or what changed that, perhaps it was when the first McDonald’s made an appearance. Did that bastardize the feel and look of Owasso? Was it when they put up the first hotel? Perhaps it was when they lost Angie to Atlanta. I can’t exactly tell you when the Owassoness of Owasso disappeared; I can only tell you that when I go back today, it is gone. Perhaps it disappeared with the first Kum and Go convenience store (yes you read that correctly).
I miss Owasso, I still wax on about it, as you know from reading me here, I love Plano, I don’t know that I ever want to leave, well, let’s put a few caveats in here shall we. I would totally live in New York City, or London, or oh, Wyoming, or a year in Alaska, in the snow, or the mountains in Colorado, or the beach in Florida, well if BP can be stopped. Or Los Angeles, or Charleston, the list is endless of the places I would like to live. I don’t even know if it is so much live as visit, the list is endless for the places I would love to visit.
I would love to visit Ireland and meet my future husband’s family, if they raised such an amazing man; I know they are truly amazing people. I would love to visit Scotland and seek out the Bay City Rollers (no irony people, only truth) I would love to visit Egypt, Mesopotamia, Rome, Florence; I want to walk where Christ walked. I want to touch the places Cleopatra touched. There is still so much to see for this small town girl.
I still miss Owasso, I would never live there again, even if it was the Owasso of olden days, but it will always be in my heart, just the way it was when I lived there. The educational foundation I received still serves me well today, it is the reason I want to see the world, I learned about it in Owasso.

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  1. I completely agree that Owasso is not the same place that we grew up knowing. As you stated, Owasso that we grew up with is different than today. It was very close knit. Everyone DID know your name. On my adoption papers, the social services report states that my parents had just moved into a newly developed area of North Owasso. That was 1963. I lived two houses off of main street on West 8th. I remember watching the homecoming parades and any other main street event and Volunteer Fire Department. I could ride my bicycle all over town and my folks would not worry, even if it was a little after dark. Anywhere you went, you knew someone and talked about the happenings of the town.
    Now when I go back, I barely recognize the city and rarely do I ever run into someone that knows me. Granted that I have not lived in Owasso since 1985, but my folks still do. I am very proud to be from Owasso and like how it has evolved. If you want to see a town come together, try and get a ticket to the football game on Friday night, watch when the band marches in a parade, or why does the baseball team have an award winning field that is better than most colleges. The town still pulls together when it needs to.

  2. Never been to nor had I heard of Owasso before meeting Angie. But after hearing her stories, I’d like to visit.

  3. Kimber,

    L:ike we both said, it is nothing like what we grew up with. there were about 4-5000 people when we grad, now there are over 35000 and still growing. Going to Tulsa was always mandatory if you needed anything other than what the local TG&Y offered. That was pre-wal-mart days. I am certain that she would like to take you there and show you things, but it is not the same…

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