New Stuff Day

I went to bed early last night, 7:30, and had a hard time waking up this morning. My doctor’s nurse called and said they want me to come in for further blood work to check for chronic fatigue syndrome. So I will be calling them today after work to go in for that. Yesterday I went to Starbucks, however I did not cheat, all I did was get a turkey sandwich, no coffee treat. I am determined not to cheat on my Starbucks Friday! I so want to go wedding dress shopping and I have to look good for that. It is almost United Way time as well, so I will need to get into prime physical condition for fund raising!
I talked to my favorite nephew Chris yesterday afternoon; he and I do not talk often enough! He is total greatness, I admire him so much. He became a foster parent, not only a foster parent; he took in children that really no one else wanted. He has had the same two children now for years, they are siblings and with him as their parent and role model they have blossomed. I am so very proud of him.
I picked up my new glasses yesterday and they are taking some getting used to. They are the progressive lenses and trying to find where I can see the computer screen out of them is a bit of a challenge. Oh, this makes today, new glasses and new shoe Wednesday! Woohoo! Happy New Day!

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  1. Loving the new glasses. I miss sitting by yall already. Is Chronic Fatigue a real illness? I think I might have that too.

  2. O god can you drive?!? If you can’t find the computer very well I’m kinda worried for you to be driving so soon mom lol

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