My Dad

Today is Father’s Day so of course it makes me think of my own Dad. He is gone now, he let this plane of existence in 1993, however, he continues to be a huge influence in my life.
My Dad was a strong man, both physically and emotionally, he was not loud or boisterous, but rather jovial and wise at the same time. He loved to argue, not fight mind you, but debate. Pick a topic, pick a side and go for it. My Mom hated that, I think she as secretly happy he found a debate partner in me, although if we got to the point where she could not take, she let us know her displeasure in our behavior!
My Dad lived by a strict set of rules, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, treat animosity with kindness and never do intentional harm to anyone. Live your life as if Jesus was standing next to you. It is a hard act to follow, for anyone, he and my Grandfather were cut out of the same cloth, and I have yet to meet any man who can equate to them.
My dad loved the land, he loved farming and hunting, I remember the one time I went hunting with him and it was disastrous. He also had a love of books, and learning, my Dad would read anything he could get his hands on. He and I had that in common as well.
I miss my Dad, it is that simple, I miss his wisdom, I miss his sense of humor, his sense of fun, I miss being able to go to him for advice.
So, Dad, I hope you have a wonderful day in heaven, tell Mom I said hi and go argue with someone for me, remember you have to keep your skills sharp for when you and I can debate together again!

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  1. I am convinced my Dad wanted boys…at least, he wanted me to be a boy. I learned a lot of boy things. I am also convinced had I been a boy, I would not have been beaten quite as much. Maybe as a boy, I could have decked him, and maybe he would have stopped his abusive behavior…at least, I would like to think he would stop. He had a mean, vicious temper. As his oldest child, I was punished for everything–for being a girl, for being a bad example to my two younger sisters whether I was or not, sometimes for simply being. He took every opportunity to whip me with his belt. Is it necessarily bad to say I don’t really miss my Dad? What I miss is the potential of what could have been an incredible relationship had he not been so consumed with his own bitterness. I think I gleened the better parts of him…a love of all kinds of music, the art of languages and a love of learning, creativity, a desire explore other places. Yes, I think what I miss most is the potential of what could have been an amazing relationship.

  2. Oh Mary, I am sad as well that the potential for an amazing father/daughter relationship was not realized for you. If I could, I would have shared my dad with you. He would have liked you, both he and my mom would have liked you. Of course they would have tried to convert you to Free Will Baptist ways, and I believe the two of you would have had great theological debates! I will introduce you to him when we both go home.

  3. Sounds like a great man to emulate. And knowing his type, he would probably say he was nothing special…

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