I know yesterday’s post was enigmatic at best. However, I had no words in which to express myself. A woman I work with passed away in a horrific way. If you live in North Texas you might have seen it on the news. It was Friday afternoon on highway 75 and Legacy. She pulled her car over to the side of the road and started walking down the highway, then just stepped in front of an eighteen wheeler.
I can’t help but wonder what kind of mental anguish she was in to have thought that was her only way out. You never know what the other person is going through, even the one you sit next to, or work with, or pass in the hall. Choose your words carefully, give your smiles freely; you just never know who needs it.
I want to tell every single one of my friends right here and now, if you find yourself at the end of your rope call me, not only will I tie a knot at the end, I will hang on to the bottom so you don’t fall off. Remember there is nothing so bad that time won’t heal, and nothing so horrific that you cannot work out by taking action or simply talking to someone.

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  1. I totally agree with you Angie. There is nothing in this world worth taking your own life over. Nothing!. No matter how bad things seem like they are, there is always a better way to cope. We should all be more mindful of the way we treat others, even people you dont normally talk to. You just never know how your smile or greeting could affect someone’s day or their life at the moment. I also make myself available to talk to anyone or just to listen. A lot of times we don’t need someone’s advice just an ear to listen to what’s going on. Sometimes letting it all out is all that’s needed. I pray for her soul and her family. Losing a loved one, or friend is never easy no matter what the circumstances.

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