Monday, Monday

What a cram packed, for the most part fun-filled weekend. It started Friday after work; first, off to Dr’s office to get prescription for Elizabeth, then, pharmacy to get it filled and pick up Alex’s prescriptions. Then it was off to Alex’s work to drop off his medicines then to Macy’s to pick up an on-sale item. Finally after over two hours of driving in the horrible heat, I make it home.
Friday night my upstairs neighbor decides to party down, first it is just the music so loud and bass on so hard the apartment is vibrating. I take two Tylenol p.m.’s to help me sleep. I wake at 4:30 a.m. to loud people, people who are so drunk they are fighting; someone called the police to break up the party.
Elizabeth came over Saturday, so I got to update her laptop and visit with her, plus we ordered Freddy’s birthday present. He wanted the new iphone 4; it will be delivered in July that is how backordered they are.
Next was grocery shopping with Alex, he has been so sick lately, he has lost so much weight. His throat is very sore, so we got soft food that was high in protein and vitamins, also bought protein powder so he could make protein shakes. He said he felt better yesterday, still sick, but finally on the mend. I hate when they are sick, and when they no longer live with me, I cannot check on him every 5 minutes!
Sunday was spent with fiancé and his girls, we went to the Dallas World Aquarium and then bought ice cream from a street vendor, it was very urban! It was a great day, the girls were so much fun and we had a lot of fun hanging out. I know you are wondering where his son was, well he is on an adventure, he took a road trip with his Aunt out to San Francisco, stopping at every tourist site on the way there. I know he is having a ball and it is a trip he will remember all of his life. I know you are also wondering why the girls did not go, well they had their own road trip last week, they flew to San Francisco and drove back with their Aunt, once again stopping at every tourist site along the way. I have to admit I am jealous! It is a trip I would love to take.
Well it is Monday morning, I am exhausted, but it is a good exhaustion. I hope everyone’s week starts out with total greatness!

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  1. Oh yea! Roadtrips are fun,especially those where you can stop anywhere and site see and are not on a timetable. I love it. Didn’t have a lot when I was growing up but I try to take my son on as many as possible.

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