Hooray for Starbucks!

Well, today is the day, Starbucks Day! I am having an iced Dark Cherry Mocha, and it rocks! I am seriously loving the Dark Cherry Mocha. I have a new addiction.
Yesterday was a very busy, tiring day. Meetings from 10:00 am until I left at 2, then rushed to meet Alex at the doctor’s office, and then had to leave there to go with Elizabeth to the dentist. And yes, I do know that my children are old enough to go to those places by themselves, however, they still like their mom there. As long as they want me there, there I will be. I was so tired from all of the running around, that I was sound asleep by 7:30 last night, and slept hard until 3:00 this morning. I am feeling a little more refreshed.
Finally spoke with the nurse yesterday, I do not have cancer, nor do I have an infection, she said all of the blood work was amazingly good. Well almost all, my cholesterol is high for the first time EVER. It is 205; it is normally in the 150’s. However, in my defense, I did have a Starbucks right before the test. But I am going to be more conscience of what I am eating. Along with my coffee treat I picked up a cheese and fruit plate for lunch.
They found no physical reason for the tiredness, I am wondering if my schedule is getting to me. My normal wake up time, without an alarm clock, is 6:00 am. So I wonder if I go back to a more traditional schedule if the tiredness will end. But I don’t want to do that! I love getting off at 2:00 pm. So it is a quandary.

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