Good Morning Everyone!

Well I am later than usual in posting today; however, I shall try and be as entertaining as usual. First of all I would like to give a huge shout out to Abreva, it has saved the day. People if you feel a fever blister coming on, run, do not walk, to purchase this miracle product. You have to apply it exactly the way the instructions well instruct and it will work.
Jess, while I appreciate the suggestion you left after the last post, I believe I will pass on having anyone kiss my fever blister. You are very kind to want to have fiancé kiss the booboo and make it better, but in this case it would just spread an infection.
I have found a new product I am going to hunt down and try, Greek Yogurt, I found a brand and have hunted down where it is carried and will be on the search today. Will update everyone on how tasty it is. I like the Greek Yogurt at Starbucks; however, I have the feeling that one is not so healthy.
So I noticed I have one calf bigger than the other, I wonder if that is a sign of disease or deformity. And if it is deformity why did it take me this long to notice? Maybe I should exercise the one calf more than the other, make it lose weight, and if it does not I will know I need to rush myself into a calf specialist so they can fix me.
I have found a new television show, Girl Meets Dress, it is about a wedding shop right her e in Plano, TX. I have found their website, entered my information and am waiting to be contacted by one of those fabulous consultants.
My friend Tiffaney had a brilliant thought, she was talking about how fiancé gets the whole beer budget to himself and she asked if that meant I get the whole shoe budget to myself! Wow, she is soooooooooo smart. I am thinking she has a point….

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