So yesterday I purchased the Greek yogurt with honey, it was very good. Although the honey was ok, it was not what I grew up with. I grew up eating amazing food, all of it fresh, the vegetables were straight from the garden, fruit from the orchard, if not ours, someone local, cows from the man up the road, honey from the honey guy.
My dad ate a teaspoon of honey every day, he said that someone had told him once that it aided in digestion, he was not overweight so maybe he was on to something. Of course the honey we had came from the man up the road a piece; he had bees and harvested the honey himself. The honey was in a mason jar and even had part of the comb in it. It was so good; I have not had honey like that since leaving Owasso. I may go to the farmers market here and see if there is any fresh honey like that, now that I am thinking about it.
We purchased our milk from another man up the road and around the corner, he not only sold fresh milk (remember the cream at the top Tammi?) he had all kinds of animals. Just a word of advice, peacocks are mean. He had a little house on his property as well, it was so cute, he told my dad that I could rent it after high school, but my dad quickly vetoed that idea, the man had a son who was, well, for lack of a better word, teched, that is the word my grandmother would have used. And my dad did not feel good about me being on the same property as the son. So to an apartment next to drug dealers is where I went!
I remember peaches from Wagoner, Oklahoma, OMG; those were the best peaches ever. So firm, yet when you bit into one the juices would just run down your chin, the flavor, well it was roll your eyes in the back of your head good. The man who sold the best peaches there was an old farmer whose overalls looked like they had never been introduced to laundry detergent, however the man himself was clean as a whistle. My mom wondered how he could bathe then get back into those dirty overalls. It was all very curious and very much part of the experience.
Next were the strawberries, we bought those from the Worley’s who lived up the road and on the hill. They had the biggest strawberry patch, and the berries were so good, that was the only place to purchase them.
I miss all of that good fresh food, the tomatoes, the green beans, the okra, the fruit, if I could go back in time, I would go for dinner!

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  1. See… now I know you are just telling stories. Everyone knows that food comes from Supermarkets, not “I know a guy who knows a guy…”

  2. Jess I promise you I cannot make this stuff up, other stuff, yes, but not this stuff. And Michelle, at least I made you hungry for healthy food! HA!

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