Empty Minds vs Destructive Ones

Is there anything worse than a blank mind? Yes, there is, a blank mind that is willing to be filled with whatever comes along, that is worse. I know people like that, whoever gets to them first, that is the opinion they will go with, they totally cannot think for themselves. Sad, really, to think of the potential for creative, original thought, just not there. People who spout misinformation without ever thinking of the consequences. People who don’t bother to gather all of the facts before inciting the masses.
Well, I can think of something worse, the destructive mind, someone who only thinks of horrible things to do to the people around them. Take Danielle Staub for instance. She is on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, and a more destructive woman just does not exist on the face of the planet. Last night she took a known convict to a charity function, he made threats and she threw around accusations that were so untrue, she also took this woman, Kim G, who was just as bad. They fed off of each other, and made everyone around them feel uncomfortable and a little scared.
The man she had with her, was a total nut job, if he really is connected like he bragged about being, on national television no less, then I have to tell you, his boss is not going to be happy with him. Can anyone say fish food?
There is a saying if someone shows you who they are believe them. Danielle has shown all of America who she is, frightening in a way that makes me never ever want to go to New Jersey!

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