Change of Attitude

So yesterday I had an experience with a manager who works for the same large telecommunications conglomerate that I work for. Now she is not my manager, and she felt the need to send me a rather unprofessional email regarding something that was none of her concern. I allowed her to upset me so much I had to leave work, allowed, that is the key word. I often tell people that you cannot control what other people do you can only control your own actions. Yesterday I admit I lost control, I rarely do that, I rarely allow other people to have that kind of power over me.
The realization that I did that is daunting indeed. I will not allow myself to be in that position again. Once we are aware of the behavior we can modify it. Once again, our own not anyone else’s; I cannot control this horrendous human beings actions. Only my own.
I have only met six women in my lifetime that I see as unredeemable in any way shape or form, three of them are in this building. That is truly frightening, what does that say for this corporation? Does it breed these women or are they like a heat seeking missile, the women, coming to this company to wreck their havoc? These are the questions to ponder today.
Enough moroseness and enough giving these women press.
I was thinking about Forrest Gump yesterday, not the running part nor the ping pong part, but the box of chocolates thing. I remember when everyone was saying that, they thought that was the wisest thing they had ever heard. Well, I do not buy into that, I never did, I love chocolate, Godiva Chocolate to be exact, and those boxes are always full of amazing surprises. Life is not that way, all of the surprises are not amazing nor are they good. So, Forrest Gump’s momma was so totally wrong! Stop buying into that people! Stop the madness!
Yesterday was Chewie’s birthday, he is fourteen years young, and he got a treat, extra loving and tons of attention. For years I tried stealing that dog from Jess, for years he deflected, I am truly honored that he allowed Chewie to come live with us when he needed a new home for him. He has added so much to all of our lives, he is a loyal friend and a wonderful companion. Except when I am trying to take a nap, apparently only Chewie is allowed to take naps, not Angie!

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