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Lately I have been thinking about the television show Earth: Final Conflict, this show was amazing, it only ran four seasons and was never on network television, always in syndication. It was the brain child of Gene Rodenberry, so we all know it was brilliance personified.
The premise is aliens come to earth to help us all be better humans. Of course it is a ruse, they really want to dominate and destroy, not all of them, there are a few rogue ones. However, for the most part they want to dominate and destroy.
I have been giving this a lot of thought, and I want to nominate myself to meet the aliens if they should arrive during my lifetime. It makes perfect sense if you think about it.
First of all, I am a perfectly normal, average, woman who would represent the rest of woman kind wonderfully. I would wear 4 to 5 inch heels to the meet and greet, that way if they are tall and willowy like in Earth: Final Conflict I would be elevated to almost their height, if they were short, like the Asgard in Stargate SG-1, I would tower over them menacingly, to let them know that we are not soilent green. I would wear a fabulous outfit, letting them know that we are a fashion forward people and lastly, since I have seen almost every Sci-Fi television show, EVER, I am uniquely qualified to adapt to any alien life form since I have been studying them for so long. Vulcan’s, got ya covered, Live Long and Prosper, lizards masquerading as humans, not an issue, poison the water, gray and green ones that like to experiment on humans, I will send them to the delta quadrant, Janeway will make short work of them. I can adapt to any situation and will undoubtedly make them comfortable.
So you can see, I am qualified, I am willing and I promise to dress the part. In short, vote for me to meet the visitors!

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  1. Nearly a hundred years of the greatest minds of our time, debating, extrapolating, and generally going through every permutation on how to greet eventual extraterrestrial visitors.

    And this is the first I have seen First Contact scenarios decided on fashion sense.

    I would say “Bravo,” but that would mean I have to actually re-engage my brain after you short circuted it…

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