Thursdays Rock

It is Thursday and a happy Thursday it is! I know without a doubt in my heart it is going to be a great day. Don’t ask me how I know, I just know. Tomorrow is Starbucks day and today is the day before; it is the anticipation that is all a part of the experience. I don’t know what I will have tomorrow; I am kinda in the mood for something different. The Passion Tea was amazing. This is how you order it, size is your choice, Passion Tea, shaken, no water, no sweetener. OMG, amazing! I don’t use sweetener in my tea so I am used to that, to me any additives take away from the flavor. Tomorrow however is coffee treat day, caffeine overload day if you will. I am very much looking forward to it!
I have a three day weekend as I traded days with my good friend Gladys, she is going to work my Monday and I will work her Saturday. I know I will enjoy sleeping in on Monday.
So this week has been stressful for various reasons, yesterday afternoon it actually got better and the clouds parted and it will all be ok, my grandma was right again, it all works out in the end.
Ok, now for the Does This Make My Dog Crazy segment:
I am a shampoo and conditioner fanatic, I look for the newest and latest and the best smelling, well one day I found this amazing shampoo and conditioner, could not wait to wake up the next morning and use it. The next morning, as expected the aroma was intoxicating as I lathered up and rinsed and conditioned. I had longer hair then so I was blow drying leaning over, basically cousin It. All of a sudden the most horrible stench reaches my nostrils, I panic, I think OMG did the heat from the blow dryer somehow make my new shampoo and conditioner change? Panicking I turn off the blow dryer lift my hair out of my eyes and scream! Chewie is right in front of me panting right in my face! It wasn’t my hair it was old man dog breath! I promise you as he trotted off he was chortling. Does that make my dog crazy or mischievous?

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  1. I thought that one time but then looked over to find that Mickey has a new pee spot, he has now found the bathroom only on my clothes to pee on….

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