Thursdays are the gateway to Friday

Today we are having a celebratory luncheon for my boss. She is leaving us for greener pastures. Since I started with this company, thirteen years ago, I have had 23 different supervisors, as of Monday the number will be twenty-four. Out of the 23 there are three that I would happily go back to. Out of those three, two are retired. Is this an inordinate amount, or is it normal? I don’t know. I have been here so long it seems normal.
I am sad for me that she is leaving, but happy for her. This is not a happy place to work, morale is at an all time low due to the actions of a few, isn’t that the way it always is, the actions of a few effect the well being of all. In this case it is the mental well being of an entire organization. Personally, I try very hard not to let the actions of these few effect me, for the most part I am successful. However, when you have to sit right next to someone who threatened you and screamed at you and management did nothing to protect you, it gets hard at times. I have been waiting for them to do something, since they have not I will be making a call higher up to get the matter taken care of. This particular man is very scary, crazy scary. He now sits at his desk rocking back and forth saying oh Allah; help me Allah, and emitting a high pitched squeal. It really has become too much.
On an up note, I went last night with fiancée to his daughters’ talent show, let me tell you, she was adorable and did a really good job. She sang Party in the U.S.A. by Miley Cyrus with two other little girls and she was the cutest one. I am not partial or anything, just telling the truth.
Also, Elizabeth is not only getting her cows, she is going to tame someone else’s so she is on cloud nine. All in all a good week for all of us, it started on Saturday really, Freddy graduated, I got to see it, Elizabeth getting her cows, a new vehicle for Alex, hot tea for me, Starbucks day tomorrow, with a new gift card for Starbucks. Total greatness! I hope everyone has a totally awesome day!

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  1. I am happy for her too. Despite our issues. I actually like her. She’s pretty cool. And I am glad for anyone to leave this place by moving up. Hopefully my turn will come soon. As for the other issue with the scary guy. I think his issue is that he’s used to dealing with timid women who don’t have an opinion or who are submissive to him. My day hasn’t started out so well. My last call frustrated me. But I’m going to try to shake it off and have a better day. I’m leaving early anyway.

  2. I usually agree with the posts on this blog, but in this case I ought to say that I do not share your views.

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