The Story of Chewie

I know I promised the story of Chewie on Saturday however, I was busy. So you get it today.
Chewie is an old family friend, he actually belongs to Jess, yes the same one made famous here. Jess became acquainted with the aforementioned being when he was just a pup. He spent countless hours training him to be the great companion he is now.
Well, first there were two, then three, then four, then five. Jess married, and then they actually got a companion for Chewie, a female pup. Then a baby joined the mix. As time went by, it turns out baby was allergic to the pups. So a new home was sought for both. The late comer was younger therefore easily placed. Chewie being more mature a little more difficult.
Chewie used to spend time with us, when Jess was out of town. While I was explaining the predicament that Jess found himself in, trying to find a new home for Chewie to Alex and Elizabeth, they both said um why is that dog not here right now? So I informed Jess of our family decision to take Chewie into our house. I admit it took a little work to get Nocona used to him. She is not overly friendly with dogs bigger than she. But with Elizabeth’s hard work that task was soon completed. They are great friends now and Chewie definitely adds a richer dimension to our lives.

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  1. And I am eternally grateful for the wonderful home you continue to provide for him. You made a very difficult event slightly better!

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