Starbucks day at last!

I have a secret I can’t tell anyone and it is driving me bananas! Soon I can tell but not today. So this morning I tested the Starbucks is open at 5:00 A.M. theory, and they are! I have my Starbucks and I am a happy, happy woman! I hope everyone’s Friday starts off as good as mine has.
It will be a jam packed weekend and I didn’t even know it was going to be. Freddy, Elizabeth’s boyfriend, Jeffrey’s best friend, is graduating tomorrow, so I will of course be attending that event. Sunday is Mother’s day, and well I am a Mother, so I am sure my children will want to see me…. Hint, Hint to the ones that read this. I am off work Monday, so yay me.
I was on a conference call last night, it was a Mary Kay conference call, speaking of, please feel free to visit my website for all of your skin care and color cosmetic needs, and I offer free shipping. Please pass the website to your friends and family!
As I sit here and enjoy my coffee treat I can’t help but think about the Grey’s Anatomy episode from last night. It was about sensitivity, sensitive to others, sensitive to the circumstances that brought the patients to the hospital and their family members. It made me think how much I use those skills in my job as a DSL technician and how I use those skills in my Mary Kay business. I use them with the person on the other end of the line to walk them through troubleshooting their connectivity to the internet issues. Calming telling them it is their computer and due to the fact that no one takes the initiative or time to learn anything about the expensive piece of equipment they have brought into their homes, they will have to pay to have someone fix it, unless they know someone who has a modicum of understanding of how computers work.
I enjoy using those skills more with my Mary Kay career, I enjoy helping people with their skincare needs and choosing just the right colors for their color cosmetics that will compliment their skin tone and how to apply those color cosmetics to highlight their eyes or cheek bones or their lips. Depending on what they see as their best feature. Sometimes women don’t realize that their eyes are so pretty until they see them brought out with just the right eyeliner or a little mascara. It is so much fun to watch them discover just the right lipstick for their special night out. Or the perfect lip gloss for going to the soccer field, or discovering that skincare is really simple and they don’t have to spend hours a day to achieve good skin. I love it. I hope it comes across to my customers how much I truly care that they are not only happy with their products but happy with how I deliver those products.

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