Special Edition: Read all About it!

Today is a special edition of Angie World, instead of Does That Make My Dog Crazy; this is an installment of Does That Make My Dog Clever.
Chewie is getting older; please do not tell him, he cannot stay alone in the house for long periods of time without having to relieve himself. So I bought the puppy pads for him so he would have no embarrassment and it would be easy clean up for me.
There are two spots he does this in; they are about three feet from each other. A week ago, I knew I was going to be very late coming home, so, down go the pads. Now usually he only goes on one or the other, but that day, I was gone a lot longer than usual and he had to make use of both pads.
When I walked in the door and went over to check the pads I discovered something unusual. He had dragged both pads together. Now he had to drag it about three feet, not an inordinate distance, but he had never done this before. Granted he had not needed to use both pads before, so this begs the question, was he being clever or thoughtful? Or both?
You decide.

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  1. I agree with John. This dog is just special. I think he was a human in another life or something.

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