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I think we can all ascertain I have a deep love of shoes. It started very early in my life, this love, obsession, craziness, call it what you will. I remember my first pair of platforms, I was eleven, it was Easter, and my grandmother took me to Payless, I got the most amazing platforms, white paten crisscross pattern sandal top, with woven platform soles with flowers peppering them for an appropriate spring look. I have an almost exact replica of them in my closet right now, of course they are Marciano by Guess, not Payless, not that there is anything wrong with Payless. I just became more expensive in my tastes as I became older, became more aware of designers.
My grandmother was there for a lot of fashion firsts, she bought me my first eye shadow palette, she also indulged the year I would touch nothing but the color red. She made sure I had a red Easter dress, shoes and hat. She had my grandfather paint my rocking chair red, and I had a red teddy bear. In my defense, I was three at the time. I recognize now that I was a high maintenance child, trust me when I tell you I paid for that multiple times over, as I, myself, gave birth to high maintenance children.
Ok, here is the question of the day, if it is your job to make a phone call in order to marry someone and you keep putting it off, does that mean sub-consciously you do not want to marry them?

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  1. LOL.

    My response to the question of the day. Well that could be a # of things. I saw the movie OUR FAMILY WEDDING over the weekend and she had a problem telling her dad something but it had nothing to do with her not wanting to get married. She just knew how he would react. So someone stalling may not have anything to do with their desire to get married but moreso the person on the other end of the phone call.

  2. It’s a guy thing Freddy decides to take the keys to everything WITH HIM so no one will take it aka dad and so when I want to use something and he isn’t here I can’t cause some idiot takes the keys!!!!!!! Anyways… It’s a guy thing forgetting and being stupid when they aren’t trying to… Yet he doesn’t understand why and keeps doing this..

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