Nothing important

After an amazing night’s sleep thanks to two, yes two, Tylenol pm tablets, I am awake, having my coffee and wasting time playing games on Facebook, all in all a perfect morning so far.
I woke to find Undercover Brother on the Comedy channel, my day just keeps getting better! I love that movie, I can’t explain it, I don’t try to, I just enjoy it.
Yesterday was massive laundry day, it is all done except for one load, that load is the one that has to be ironed; I didn’t feel like ironing yesterday, hence the leftover for today. I did not watch my Disney witch movies yesterday, I am thinking today is the day. Yesterday I caught up on all of the things I had DVR’d from the previous week. It was a day of Stargate Universe, Merlin, All My Children, Friday Night Lights, Fashforward, Vampire Diaries and the movie The Hangover. It was a fully day; you can see my life is very exciting.
Chewie is not very happy with me these days, his playmate, Nocona, went to the farm, Elizabeth was here for Mothers Day and saw how fat Nocona was and whisked her away for some cattle chasing. So Chewie has been showing me his displeasure. He has tossed Nocona’s favorite toy at me, will not let me nap in the afternoons and wakes me up at 1:30, just because. Explaining the need for Tylenol pm. I don’t know when she is coming home, but I do know it will be a joyous reunion, once he gets done letting her know that she should not leave him alone, ever.
Next week will begin my first day with a new supervisor, it will be a good week, it will be a bright, shiny week. After all, it will be a Starbucks week!

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