New Shoe Monday!

Today is new shoe Monday; I am wearing the blue suede Steve Madden’s. They are sooooo cute!
So, I was thinking on the way to work, I know, dangerous ground we are on right now. My thoughts were actually on the questions of life and where to find the answers. I have good news for everyone, every question to life can be answered by a song on the Foreigner 4 album, released in 1981, you should run out and buy a copy.
I know you are wondering what questions are answered, well, let me tell you. Wondering what you want to be when you grow up? Wonder no more, Juke Box Hero, there is your occupation. What are you going to do every day? I’m Gonna Win, there ya go, inspiration to start your day. What am I going to wear today? Woman in Black, wardrobe crisis averted.
It should be in everyone’s album collection, thanks to my son, Jeffrey, I have the album, yes, album. Vinyl. Is there any other way to go with an album that answers all of the important questions in life? Life is all about what you make of it, there are forces that we have no control over, all we can control is our reactions. It is how we react in a crisis that defines who we are. Hence, Don’t Let Go. See, applicable to all the major events in life.
As you can see I have given this a lot of thought. Early morning is when I do my best thinking.
Last night was the season finale of both Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters, and let me tell you they did not disappoint. I am really happy that it is season finale time, I need some time off from my DVR, but as I say that, there are summer shows coming back, Entourage, Leverage, Weeds, Psych, and I am back on the DVR train. Just a vicious cycle.
I hope everyone has a good New Shoe Monday!

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  1. Hey this is a great article. I’m going to email this to my friends. I stumbled on this while googling for some music lyrics I’ll be sure to come back. thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG!! I thought I was the only one left in the world that loves that album! It is still my favorite and in high school I wore out 2 cassette tapes! Your analogy is a riot! LMAO!!!

  3. I was just looking for this shoes. I am actually very happy to find it out as i wanted to give this shoes to one of my freind.

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