I am having an angry week. I have residual anger from some things that happened last week and now other things are happening this week that have made me even angrier. When I am angry I tend to climb on my soapbox and just rant. I have done that several times this week and well it is just Wednesday morning. I am going to tell you a few things I am angry about. I am angry that occupational employees take up causes that are against their peers. We should not be doing this. We should be working together not in conflict. I am angry with people spreading rumors when they themselves do not have the facts. And then you say oh I have it from the horse’s mouth then refuse to name the horse. Well let me tell you I know the only two horses that would have that information and I know they never neigh.
Ok, am over the anger, have gotten it out of my system. Mothers day is coming up, don’t worry, I have already talked about my mom, so will not be making anyone cry with stories of her. However, my grandmother is fair game! But the memories I have of her are all funny. She was total greatness.
I find myself completely addicted to grapefruit these days, I found these fruit cups in the produce section that are 40 calories and packed in their own juice, no sugar added. A little salt and it is sheer perfection. Grapefruit is filled with good things, tons of vitamin C.
Have been discussing Starbucks with a co-worker this morning, I am so excited that it is almost Friday! Oh speaking of coffee, did I tell you I found Godiva Crème Brule’ coffee? It is hard to find, but I found it at Marshall’s of all places. I love this coffee, it is so good, they used to carry it in Dillard’s but they don’t anymore. I had the best weekend coffee wise; I not only had the Godiva coffee I also had the organic coffee from New Flower. It totally rocked!

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  1. Let go of the anger. You are better than that. People will talk and rumors will fly. Its more so about how others will react to them. Now as far as someone not saying who the horse is, i mean that’s really their choice. Maybe they know its just a rumor and don’t want to get the person who started it into trouble. I dont like rumors like that either which is why I didn’t say anything about it when I heard the one you are talking about. If it happens it happens. Ya know. I guess we will know soon enough. If the fruit cups you are talking about are the ones you were eating this morning..I discovered them a while ago. Walmart sells them. Me and Jay get them all the time. Love them. Its gonna be a great day! But I’m ready for it to be over. lol. I think I may leave work early.

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