Happy Happy Starbucks Day!

Friday at last, this week has seemed to be the longest week in a long time. I have learned some things that have saddened me, disappointed me and some that made me angry. Starbucks in the morning seems to make everything look better. I am loving having it early Friday mornings again. All I can say is hmmmmmm coffee, you complete me.
I am looking forward to a drama free weekend, a relaxing weekend. Next weekend will be action packed, I find that I am double booked next Saturday, have to figure out my schedule. Good news, whatever I end up doing Tessa will be doing it with me. I have new Disney videos for her. OMG I found Ducktales! Who does not love Ducktales, I now have season one in my possession, am very excited to watch it, also found the original Escape to Witch Mountain and Return to Witch Mountain, along with Race to Witch Mountain I am seeing a themed tomorrow. Yes I am a giant child, and I don’t care.
Major win on a grievance I filed for someone yesterday that makes me happy because the employee was totally in the right, management not so much. I wish that people would use common sense, however, I am seeing less and less of that exhibited, anywhere, not just at work. I see it within my family, I see it with friends, I see it on television, and people are acting more and more entitled without having done the work. I know entitled and common sense are two different things, it is just the flow of my thoughts at this point.
As you all know I am engaged to be married, to the Irishman, planning the wedding has stalled; he has to make a phone call. Perhaps he will do that Monday. I know you all are wondering what I am planning now, however, you will have to wait until said phone call is made. A lot of my friends and family will be shocked at my decision but I hope they will support it. I like to think that if my parents were alive they would support my decision, but I have to be honest, I don’t know if they would, my mom would, totally, but my dad would be iffy. My grandmother, well let’s just say I hope she has mellowed in Heaven.
Yesterday Elizabeth conveyed some very upsetting news to me, it has me so thrown for a loop I don’t know how to watch movies at home now. Apparently if you are a microwave popcorn fanatic you are in danger of getting a lung disease! So now I have to give that up, I told her that a popcorn popper would be a great idea for Christmas at this point.
Time to start my Friday; I am so very happy it is Friday! I hope everyone starts their day off with their version of the amazing Starbucks start that I have!

4 Replies to “Happy Happy Starbucks Day!”

  1. hmmm, im gonna have to figure out what this phone call is about. You better not be leaving me. That Irishman better not be trying to take you away. lol

  2. Common Sense is, unfortunately, very uncommon.

    And since I can likely extrapolate what this phone call is about, I’ll let you know you have my complete and utter support. You are doing the right thing.

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