A Good Evening

Yesterday was the most amazing day. I went to the optometrist and had the best time! The technician who was running all of the pre-tests was just flat out funny. She was warm, engaging and fun. Of course you know your eyesight is bad when she takes your glasses turns and says ok how many fingers am I holding up and then begins to laugh hysterically.
Then the Doctor comes in and we begin talking and he just keeps staring at me, finally saying, I am trying to remember why we put you in bi-focals the last time you were here. Then he turns looks at my chart and exclaims Oh My Gawd! You are ** years old?? I would never have guessed that by looking at you, well that explains it.
So, I look young, I just don’t see young, he then told me I had very healthy eyes, they are just blind as all get out. Which I already knew, don’t know why he felt the need to tell me that.
I then went to pick out all of the extras, last time I had decided against the scratch guard, I remember thinking, I am not a child, I don’t roll around the ground, and these things will not get scratched. Well, turns out I must be rolling around the ground because my lenses are so scratched it is amazing I can see anything. I went for the scratch guard this time along with the progressive lenses. I go back next week for the contact lenses exam. They could not do it this visit as my eyes were dilated. I am pretty sure I looked stoned as I was driving home.
Then Elizabeth came over and we watched the season finale of Bones and Grey’s Anatomy. OMG my heart just about could not take Grey’s Anatomy. It was just a roller coaster of emotions. I won’t get into it here, just in case anyone has not seen it. Just know, it is well worth two hours of your time!
Well Happy Friday Everyone! Smooches!

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