Yesterday I made a mistake; it is not one I will be making again. Other than that an ok weekend; yesterday was very lazy. Ruby was total greatness, as usual; Desperate Housewives answered some questions and gave us more. Loved seeing Captain Jack; I really miss Torchwood. Sci-Fi fans will know what I am referring to.
Listening to Christian Kane on my way to work is the perfect way to start my day. I know he is in Portland filming Leverage now, however, I hope he comes back this way soon. I would love to attend a concert of his; I bet he totally rocks the house!
Today is going to be a great day. Helping all of the people obtain access to the internet. Educating them to the fact while, yes, we are tech support, we are tech support for DSL connectivity, not PC issues. I think people get confused, or else they realize we are free support and they do not want to call their manufacturer because they are out of warranty. Either way, they will either need to educate themselves on the equipment that is in their home or call someone who actually works on computers, as we do not.
Usually when you explain things to people they understand, well the majority do. I tend to believe people don’t understand on purpose. They don’t want to hire someone so they call us. But here is the thing, when your car breaks down, do you call the people who you purchase fuel from? That is what we are, fuel.
Well, coffee has been had; I am all fired up from great music, waiting for the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning show to start. I hope everyone has a totally awesome Monday!

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