Woohoo! Friday at last!

On a warm summer’s evenin’ on a train bound for nowhere… oh wait, that wasn’t me, that was Kenny Rogers! So it is very muggy outside and it is just 6:00 AM. Does not bode well weather wise. Today is Friday, April 30, 2010, a great day indeed. I am off work, I am getting Tessa, and I have coffee! Not just any coffee, I found organic Sumatra coffee at New Flower. New Flower is a smaller version of Whole Foods. Their prices are reasonable, the food fresh, and just a fun experience. Anyway, commercial aside, the coffee is amazing; I ground the beans there so it is extra fresh. The flavor is rich but not overwhelming, if you are a coffee lover I highly suggest the organic Sumatra at New Flower.
I am here with the pups this morning, never mind the pups are 13 and around 7, I say around because we did not get Nocona as a pup, she was a stray. I know I talk a lot about the dogs being crazy, but they make life interesting and I would not want it any other way. It is surprising that I have ended up with dogs; I have always fancied myself, well, the crazy cat lady. I love cats, I have always had cats, and I may go back to cats someday.
I know what you are wondering, how did the crazy cat lady end up with two crazy dogs. Let me tell you a little story.
When the kids were younger I had told them that when we got into a house with a yard we would get a dog. It was a total hollow gesture. However, they took the bait and it placated them. Until we moved into a house, with a yard. Elizabeth put the pressure on, I work for a major telecommunications company and I am a single mom, I am good under pressure. I resisted, she took matters into her own hands. One day I come home from work and she has a dog there, she had found it wandering around in a friend’s neighborhood, this particular dog hated me. I honestly thought it was going to kill me in my sleep. I told her it had to go, we called the Plano animal control department and they came and got the dog. Now before you get all worked up, Plano is a no kill facility.
A few weeks later, the children are with their dad at the lake house in Nocona, you can see where I am going with this. Well on their way home I get a call, from Elizabeth, saying Mom, we found a dog and we are bringing her home. I know they had Elizabeth call because I find it very hard to say no to her, I actually find it hard to say no to any of them, but Elizabeth especially. So they bring this dog home that they have found in their grandparents garage. They named her Nocona, she is a blue heeler, and incredibly sweet, and jumpy, you could tell she had been abused. She was jumpy and would run and hide when Elizabeth would use her hair straightener. After many years, she is still sweet, much less jumpy and life would not be the same without her.
I know what you are thinking now, where did Chewie come from. In the words of Paul Harvey, tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story!

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  1. lol very cute story. But here are some words to the wise. Be careful of what you promise children, they rarley forget. lol

  2. Great Story, hey I came across this article while googling for popular lyrics. Thanks for sharing I’ll email my friends about this too.

  3. Well really dad said ask your mom thinking you would say no I called and you said if your dad says it’s ok and walla! We got a dog! Lol

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