Today I feel a deep sadness, Dixie Carter has left this earth. I loved Dixie Carter, her portrayal of Julia Sugerbaker was nothing short of brilliant. She took a character that could very easily been played as shrill and bitchy and made her warm and complicated. She gave life to a character that was outspoken, yet most of the time tempered with tact, she had grace and class. From the interviews I have seen featuring Dixie Carter the same could be said for her. She was only 70, that is young, especially considering her father lived to be 96. The family is not saying what she passed from, I hope she did not suffer.
There are few people I would want to suffer in their final moments, people who harm children, they can suffer. But then again if I got to pick who would suffer in their final moments, would someone else choose me? There is the quandary, so I will leave it up to God, I don’t want to be the decision maker on that subject!
It leaves the question, if I could be a decision maker on something big what would it be? I would ban Crocs. That would be my decision. Those are the ugliest things ever worn by a human being and they need to go to the landfill immediately! Now, today, if you own a pair give them to your dog for a chew toy, because that is all they are good for. People, fashion does not equal comfort! Buck up, suffer a little for your feet to look good!

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