Random Sunday

Is anyone else a law and order junkie? I admit I don’t watch the new episodes on NBC but I love watching the marathons on TNT. Law and Order SVU, that I watch new, but the original Law and Order, those I watch on TNT. I love getting all of my law acumen from television, I can’t explain it, I just know I love it.
I always wanted to be an attorney, both a research attorney and a trial lawyer. I love ferreting out information and using it for the good of all, and I love the drama of the courtroom revelation. Does anyone remember Perry Mason? He always had the big reveal in the courtroom. Total greatness. I think journalism fulfills that need as well. The big reveal. With the advent of the internet where information is immediate it seems that true journalism has gone the wayside. Now it is all sensationalism, people don’t want to know the real news issues; they are more interested in starlets and their underwear wearing habits. It is sad really how salacious the news reporting has become. I love reading the Wall Street Journal, it doesn’t have such stories, and it is written at a higher level. Did you know that almost all newspapers are written at a fifth grade level? That is because the majority of the population can read no higher than that. How sad is that? I also enjoy reading the Dallas Observer as it is written at a higher level, I don’t believe it gets much respect due to the add content. However that is how they keep the paper for free for the public. So it is a trade off.
Well I don’t really know how I got off on that tangent, but it is Sunday, I have had coffee, and am ready to take on the world. Not sure what is in store for today, perhaps nothing exciting, perhaps a walk, as it is beautiful outside, perhaps movie and popcorn at the house. I will let you know tomorrow what was decided.
Yesterday was spent catching up on sleep and laundry and housework. I hate housework, but I like a clean house. I hate laundry but I like having clean clothes to wear. It is vicious I tell you!

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