Rain and stuff

Rain is God’s way of renewing the earth. If that is true why do people display such hatred towards rain? It all begins with rain, without it the earth would dry up and become barren. I for one love the rain. I love the way it sounds on the rooftop, I love the way it feels on my skin, I love the way it smells afterward. I love the way the earth looks after a spring rain. All green and other colors, as the flowers we all love so much need it. The farmers pray for it, the crops need it to grow, not only do the crops need it, the livestock need it.
I love all kinds of weather, I am fascinated by it, I stalk weather.com for daily updates, and I look at the 10 day forecast, the maps, and the radar! Addicting! I don’t understand the complaining about the rain, complaining about the heat, that I understand. I hate summer. The only good thing about summer is the shoes. The rest of it, you can have it. I love winter, spring and fall, but summer, not a fan.
Lately I have become addicted to grapefruit. Crazy I know, but I cannot stop eating it. I found these little fruit cups, fruit naturals by Del Monte, the grapefruit is packed in its own juices, nothing added. It is so good! I add a little salt and I am good to go.
Last night I was watching All My Children and they finally had the goodbye for Palmer Cortland, OMG, I could not stop crying. The actor died in real life several months ago, but as soaps are written and filmed months in advance this was when his memorial was written in. They really did a good job, I am telling you I bawled like a big ole fat baby.
Well today is Wednesday so only two days to Starbucks day! Woohoo! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Rain rain go away come back another day! lol. Confession. I am one that doesnt care much for the rain. I mean I understand the need for it, but I feel about rain the way you feel about summer. I like it when its not too hot and not too cold outside. A nice bleeze blowing but sunny. Thats the weather I love.

  2. This is a great post, I stumbled across your post while looking for lyrics. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be sure to return regularly.

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