Perfect Saturday

It’s Saturday and I have had a lot of coffee already. I have been up since 6:30, it was great getting an extra 3 hours of sleep! This day is going to be total greatness, I can feel it. Going to spend the day with fiancee, nothing planned, just hanging out.
I don’t have a lot of thoughts in my head today, so far I have watched Friday’s episode of All My Children, Merlin and Stargate Universe. I am really getting into Merlin, I love the whole King Arthur myth, I know, huge surprise. But the show has my favorite librarian, Anthony Stewart Head, and magic and knights and horses and a talking dragon. Seriously could it get any better?
Stargate Universe is also getting really good, I had my doubts after the less than stellar first season, but now, they are starting to show their writing and acting prowess. Next week Michael Shanks will be on, and, well, let’s just say he made the list. SSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHH don’t tell fiancee.
Must go finish getting dressed for the day, there is hints of rain, so I feel a curly hair day coming on! Everyone enjoy your Saturday!

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  1. I discovered this blog on social bookmarking site. I liked it and gave you a fave! By the way I also loved your blog theme! Did you develop it yourself or is it downloadable from somehwere?

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